Where are we?

Welcome to Klong Toey, Bangkok, Thailand.

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Klong Toey is Bangkok’s biggest and oldest slum community with over 100,000 residents living in less than 2 square kilometres.


We are currently living in the Rong Moo neighbourhood that forms part of Klong Toy slum.  Here we join in the rhythms of our team life and work, and merge this with deepening relationships in our neighbourhood. We believe strongly that lasting change comes through experiencing the struggles faced by those on the edges and that it usually starts small! We love to see God’s Kingdom taking root in dark places. Our desire is to share everyday life with those who have little choice over where they live; to affirm the good things while working closely with others to see transformation come.

Klong Toey slum sees all the problems of Urban Poverty: overcrowding, disease, hunger, crime, fear, prostitution and neglected children. In UNOH founder Ash Barker’s recent book “Slum Life Rising” he defines the key characteristics of slums and outlines these challenges under the headings in the summary menu below:

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