What are we doing?

Hear Ash and Anji Barker, founders of Urban Neighbours Of Hope introduce Urban Poverty in Klong Toey.

Urban Neighbours of Hope is a Christian missional order whose small teams move into areas facing extreme poverty and commit to organically sharing their simple lives and limited resources with their neighbours on a daily basis. We do this as a response to God’s call for restorative justice, active compassion, and hope-driven transformation from the ground up. As a result, our work is born out of love for our neighbours and a desire to support them in addressing their own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in holistic ways. Some expressions of this relationship include medical advocacy, youth and sports clubs, employment, education and training, emergency assistance, and a safe space or listening ear. We believe the price of our friendship and services to our neighbours is not their imitation or conversion and are thus available regardless of their beliefs or traditions. 

UNOH Thailand currently has 5 full-time workers in three neighbourhoods of the dense Klong Toey slum where over 100,000 people share 1.5 square kilometres (1 sq. mile). Each worker is responsible for raising his or her own modest living stipend via donations from individuals, organisations, and businesses with any excess funnelled into existing or new projects.

Click here for information on RoyRak, our fair wage jewellery project 

UNOH International

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