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Our work with Urban Neighbours Of Hope in Thailand is reliant on financial donations as well as the prayers and support of those at home. It is a real team effort and we try to keep our supporters well informed! Our living costs are set at a similar level to our neighbours but we also need funding for schooling, necessary expat costs, and projects in the slum community.

We are always grateful for groups/individuals willing to partner with us in our incarnational ministry here. Regular donations, however small, will enable us to make this stand against urban poverty together. You can commit to monthly, annual or one-off donations and set a start/finish date.

At the moment our specific need is funds towards renovating a new home in ‘Rong Moo’ (see Slumblog for more info!). If you wish your donation to go towards this please include a reference such as ‘Fletcher moving fund’

Giving is via Stewardship UK and can easily be set up online.

Click here:


Or download, print and send off this support_form

If you are not British it may be more cost-efficient for you to give through the main UNOH account here:

Gift Aid – Don’t Forget!
If you are a UK tax payer, please ensure that you complete and return the Gift Aid form on the Stewardship website so that the Mission you are supporting may be able to claim back an additional 25p tax on each £1 that is given. Thank you!

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