A Tale Of Two Cities

Chris Holmes, the former director of Shelter, concluded that ‘housing poverty is now the most extreme form of social inequality in Britain, with those who experience the greatest inequalities being those living on housing estates.’ (1)

When neighbours in Khlong Toey ask me about England the conversation often turns to how people affected by poverty are treated in my home country:

‘But you don’t have slums in England, do you?’ 


‘The English government looks after people and gives free money and houses, doesn’t it?’



The more I read about the appalling Grenfell Tower fire, the more I feel that the problems I live amongst here in a Bangkok slum are the same as the problems behind the Grenfell fire.

Last night I was having this conversation with a neighbour. She was asking about what she had seen on the news.

‘Who lived in Grenfell Tower?’

‘Poor people’

‘Really? I thought only rich people lived in towers! But they want to live there, right?’

‘No, not really. It is probably the only housing available for them. People who are poor from fleeing horrors elsewhere in the world, poor from chronic illnesses like mental health problems and addiction, poor from lack of decent education and job opportunities. (2) In one London tower block estate 80% of the residents wanted it pulled down, they don’t want to be living there but have no choice’ (3)

‘That’s just like here in the slum.’


‘But I thought London was a rich city?’

‘It is mixed, and often poor people are grouped together in certain areas.

The rich people living around the tower did not want to look at it’s ugly appearance and be reminded of the poor quality housing, so the tower was covered in a pretty face. A flammable pretty face which caused the fire to spread quickly.

The inside has decayed over years of neglect. The fire safety was inadequate. It seems that suitable, safe housing for the poor is not a priority in England.’

‘That’s just like here in the slum.’


‘So England can’t afford to help poor people?’

‘Um.. well actually the rich borough in which Grenfell Tower is found has been making such effective cuts to it’s services for poor people that it has been handing out the underspent surplus money to the richer people. (4) The money seems to be there, just not the care for the people who need it most.’

‘That’s just like here in the slum.’


‘But the people affected will be helped out, won’t they?’

‘While people are interested there will be care and charity.. but the underlying injustices probably won’t be a priority to address.’

‘That’s just like here in the slum.’


All over the world we are failing to provide for our most vulnerable. This is worth shouting about.

I am reminded of Isaiah hearing the Lord’s assessment of his nation:


Your country is desolate,

your cities burned with fire;

17 Learn to do right; seek justice.

Defend the oppressed.

Take up the cause of the fatherless;

plead the case of the widow.

Isaiah 1: 7, 17


What action could we take, locally or nationally, to seek justice?


  1. https://capx.co/the-trouble-with-tower-blocks/
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/jun/16/grenfell-britain-fails-migrants-north-kensington-london-refugee?CMP=fb_gu
  3. https://policyexchange.org.uk/publication/create-streets/
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jun/16/my-council-tax-rebate-from-kensington-and-chelsea-is-blood-money



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News from May


‘The way of trust is a movement into obscurity, into the undefined, into ambiguity, not into some predetermined, clearly delineated plan for the future. The next step discloses itself only out of a discernment of God acting in the desert of the present moment. The reality of naked trust is the life of a pilgrim who leaves what is nailed down, obvious, and secure, and walks into the unknown without any rational explanation to justify the decision or guarantee the future. Why? Because God has signalled the movement and offered it his presence and his promise’

Brennan Manning ‘Ruthless Trust’


There are times when you catch a glimpse of another person as God sees them and in that moment there is simply no questioning his love.

Bah Nee lay shivering on the floor drifting in and out of sleep as we met on Friday evening for house-church. Tears rolled down her cheeks and the usual bravado was replaced with a confronting vulnerability. We’ve often seen her unwell but never like this; never so close to breaking.

Jon drove her back to our house and examined her, concluding from her high temperature that it was a bad infection. With end stage liver disease we wonder how much more wear and tear her body can take. Bah Nee refused to go to hospital that night… even with company she is fearful of mistreatment. We pleaded with her to stay in our house but I guess she needed the familiarity of home. She was under strict instructions to hammer on our door if she got worse during the night. All we could do was pray.

We hardly slept. Imagining the worst, we found ourselves contemplating the prospect of life without our noisy, soft-hearted, dependable, generous, more-than-a-little-bit crazy Aunty! Love has that way of creeping up and surprising us with its depths sometimes.

At 7am Jon went to check on Bah Nee and found the door locked from the outside. A neighbour had seen her leaving at dawn and not noticed anything amiss. As we had left her the night before it seemed impossible that she could be on her feet, it didn’t make sense! We began a search of the local clinics, her workplace and her usual hangouts. Nobody had seen her at the motorbike taxi stand or at the whisky stall. We didn’t know whether to be cross or relieved!

She strolled up whistling later in the day,  swinging bags of vegetables for our rabbit and completely unaware of the scare she had given us. It seems her body is not giving up yet! The next day she brought 15 family members along on our UNOH trip to the seaside. She was in her element collecting shellfish and singing louder than everybody else on the coach! What a privilege to share the experience with her.

This place we call home brings such contrasting emotions. It is hard to explain to someone outside our setting that we can experience a pull to engage more deeply and a desire to flee almost simultaneously! The promise of familiarity, of fitting in and feeling some level of control is never far away. How do we cling on to a sense of calling when there is crisis and disappointment in equal measure to joy?

Bah Nee is one tangible tie to the place God has our family right now. An unlikely relationship, we give and receive the honour of being known, of belonging, of encountering Jesus in each other. Faced with losing her, we were reminded not to overlook the blessings that are unique to here!

 In The Neighbourhood:


We’ve had a few fun weekend trips with local children and families this month. Our network of local relationships is slowly expanding as we build mutual trust over time. Its been rewarding to see some of the children we’ve worked with for a while learning to swim. The extremely last minute wedding was exhausting but a huge success! We discovered our inner florists and basically blagged our way through (photos at the bottom of page)! With the start of rainy season, work on the new houses has slowed down considerably. Our house is not as watertight as we would like but it dries out quickly!

For various reasons, mostly triggered by the recent fire, we are exploring a move to purchase and slowly renovate a derelict two-storey house just a stones throw from our current house. This is only a possibility because of Trinity Churches inviting us to be part of their Living Stones Appeal and we are so grateful for the way they support and share our vision for incarnational mission. There are many hurdles to completing this plan but we are holding it lightly and trusting that God will provide for our future here.




We are working hard as a team to build up stock and finalise the process for online selling. We were super encouraged by the social media support last month and feel hopeful that we have a great customer base for launching sales. The practical demands of the business have been quite overwhelming for Nut and I recently. We’ve tried hard to look after each other but are looking forward to a quieter season where we can pour energy into the social elements of the project that we so enjoy!

One member of the RoyRak team is taking a huge step this week in moving out of the house she shares with her partner, his mother and his children from another marriage. She is not permitted by her mother-in-law to use the bathroom in the house so has to go to a local shop even if she needs to use the toilet at night. When I first met her she seemed resigned to being mistreated. She has truly blossomed in the stable environment of RoyRak and has taken on a confidence and creativity that I didn’t foresee.

Please pray that this young woman will settle well into her rented room close to friends. There are already frustrations with water and electricity supply slowing the process down and I worry that she will lose the momentum to complete the move. Pray for these practical considerations (she also owns almost nothing) and for a sense of peace.

Prayer Requests:

  • To own a puppy or not? Or two puppies perhaps? Our two favourite slum dogs have had a litter of two black and white fluff balls! We are already smitten and thinking of keeping one or both of them even though having a dog is not so practical when there is no space (think walking, pooing, fighting etc!) Its a head v heart battle – maybe not one to pray about from the front of church (could that be taken as a dare?!)
  • Please pray for Ba Nee’s health, especially for easing of her regular symptoms. Pray that she will know how deeply she is loved by others and by her Maker and that this knowledge will continue to transform her and flow out to others.
  • Pray for the kids in our community starting in their first few weeks back at school. Some are dropping out already and its hard to know what to pray.
  • We’d value your prayers for our Bangkok UNOH team in a new season of leadership and trialling some new decision making structures. Please pray for overarching unity and for growth of exciting new signs of life.
  • Pray for refreshing of our Thai language ability which gets stale from time to time and needs the Spirit’s empowering!
  • Pray for Jon as he spends 10 days back in England enjoying time with our new niece Caty and new nephew Jude. We hope this time is refreshing and a significant time of reconnecting with family and friends.



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April Update


‘Don’t think that every gift of grace, every act of kindness, isn’t a quake in a heart that moves another heart to give, that moves another heart to give, that grows into an avalanche of grace. Don’t say this isn’t what a brokenhearted world desperately needs, don’t say it isn’t how to change a broken world’ Ann Voskamp ‘The Broken Way’


Do you still have the bracelet?’ she asks me every few days. Of course I still have the bracelet – a few wooden beads on elastic, it doesn’t look like much but it means a lot to me and she knows it!

I first met P’Mon by accident. Our team had the opportunity to take a bus full of local women for mammogram testing at a breast cancer clinic. Not the most appealing of offers, it took a fair amount of home visiting to drum up interest! This not only pushed me out of my comfort zone but quite literally opened doors that I had never knocked on before. Behind one door was P’Mon, her face purple with bruises and creased with fear.

Way out of my depth before even speaking a word, I just stood there feeling as helpless as the woman looking back at me. She whispered sadly that her partner wouldn’t let her join the trip to the clinic. I felt that she wanted to say more but suddenly he was blocking the doorway. Somehow I convinced him that this was an opportunity that she shouldn’t miss, I didn’t fully believe my argument but I knew that time with this woman was important.

On the day I called for P’Mon repeatedly as she battled her fear of leaving the house. After numerous changes of clothing and keeping the coach waiting for 15 minutes we had jumped the first hurdle together. Through the day she swung between ecstatic and tearful. She poured out her life story, bitterly familiar and yet so far from my own experience. Despite the abuse, she had no intention of leaving the situation.

There was something incredibly unifying about sitting together as women of all ages in hospital gowns going through an undignified procedure together. The clinic had arranged for beauty treatments too. P’mon had her nails painted but then insisted it was wiped off before she went home. She ate ice-cream that was too frozen and lost a tooth. She giggled all the way home even though the air-con was broken and the bus felt like a sauna; you would think we had been to Disneyland!

We walked reluctantly back to her door that afternoon. I gave her partner leftover food and stressed to him how lucky he was to have her. I knew that saying too much could have painful consequences for P’Mon yet I felt the tension of being complicit in a culture that stays silent. Discouraged, I made sure she knew where I lived and asked her to call by anytime. She assured me that she would not be doing that – too many scary dogs along the 2 minute route! She pressed the bracelet into my hand as I left.

I so often anticipate a neat outcome; I want to fix people, my desire for justice racing ahead of all the messiness in the here and now. Yet here I was once again, walking away wondering if I had been more blessed by this brief interaction than the person that I had deemed ‘needy’. The words of Jesus rang in my ears ‘ Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the Earth…’ (Matthew 5:3-5). Even when the climb towards transformation is slow, I am assured that there is blessing here in the ache and the mess at the bottom of the mountain, these wooden beads like precious pearls of hope.

So I take small steps to extend love as she did to me, a different route to my motorbike in the mornings which passes P’Mon’s house and allows a quick chat as she washes the dishes out the front. I long to affirm the image of the Servant King that I see so clearly in her.

Watching the film ‘The Shack’ (twice!) this week has been a beautiful reminder of God’s presence in and through the most unimagineable human pain. The depiction of the Trinity fitted our family’s experience of God’s tenderness and helped us to once again let go and embrace mystery. At the end of the film the protagonist, Mac, asks if our actions can possibly make any difference and is assured that they make all the difference; ‘Every time you love, or forgive, with every act of kindness, the universe changes, and nothing is ever the same again.’ 

In The Neighbourhood

The rebuild is coming on amazingly! We really feel for the workmen who are working through hot season with temperatures around 40 degrees. The building methods are innovative and fascinating to watch! The trees in front of our house were chopped down last week to clear way for 15 new two-storey houses. It is going to feel very different being surrounded on all sides again but we are excited for having new immediate neighbours.

We are deeply saddened by the death of our 48 year old neighbour P’Lert. He shared a tiny shack adjoining our house with his sister P’In. He was doing heavy labour on a building site and suffered a burst blood vessel in the brain, possibly linked to his amphetamine use. P’In is distraught as she had argued with him the day before he died. She is terribly afraid of his ghost and the false rumours spreading that she refused to pay for an operation. Please pray for peace and comfort in this sad situation.


It is a busy time with the jewellery project preparing to get online sales up and running, hopefully by the end of June. The logistics of this are pretty daunting and the future of the project is resting on sales being a success! We would value your support as we begin raising our profile on social media in preparation for the launch of the online shop. Please like and share and encourage your friends to buy our fair-trade jewellery!

I’m encouraged by the growth of individuals on the RoyRak team and the level of motivation at the moment. We recently took a large and complicated order for a regular customer which involved threading multiple strands of tiny seed beads and then knotting them together with wax thread. There were 30 of these time consuming pieces ready to send, the wax just needed neatening up with a hairdryer. Nut, our manager, usually does this herself but she asked another member of the team to do it. Unfortunately the heat was left on a bit too long and when the jewellery was lifted the wax thread broke and the beads went everywhere! Not so long ago this would have been a disaster leading to all sorts of fallouts! But the team pulled together and worked through the weekend, taking it in turns to handle childcare until the order was finished. I couldn’t be more proud!

UNOH International Retreat

Our UNOH teams across all locations meet to plan and reflect together every 18months. This time we were hosted in and around Auckland and got to soak up some stunning scenery. We hardly saw our boys for a week as they ran wild wild enjoying the company of friends! It was a special time of discerning together where God is leading us as a larger body and hearing where each person is at. We really love these likeminded co-workers and are humbled by the sacrifices they make to see God’s kingdom come in hard places.

We followed this retreat with a week of Air BnB in the Bay of Islands. After narrowly missing the worst of Cyclone Cook we had glorious sunshine and spent most days in the sea. It was long enough to relax and realise how exhausted we had been! The constant heat, noise and general chaos of Bangkok puts our bodies under huge stress and it is helpful to stop and acknowledge that sometimes. Returning home, we feel refreshed and have more energy for relationships.

Prayer Requests

  • Elliot is growing up fast and we are needing to spend more one-on-one time with him. He is lovely company but super sensitive at the moment. He has been teased at school for not owning as many gadgets as the other children and this has opened up all kinds of discussions at home. Please pray for parenting wisdom and also that Elliot will grow in confidence. He is training with the pre-squad for swimming which is a great acheivement!
  • Sammy turns 7 on the 7th and is looking forward to a painting party and ‘not being cute anymore!’ He is remarkably settled at school and home and amazes us with his perseverance at most things. He ice-skated for the first time at the weekend and totally mastered falling headlong at high speed and then jumping back up! He doesn’t like change so please pray for him as he experiences big changes to our neighbourhood and the end of a school year coming up in June.
  • A member of our house-church is getting married at the weekend! We are hosting the wedding at the office with very short notice…nervous laugh! Please pray that our team will navigate the cultural stuff well and grow in relationship with her family.
  • We have a British couple coming to stay in three weeks with a view to joining our team here. Pray that their discernment time will be clear and life-giving. Pray that they will have good health and safe travels
  • Jon’s sister Beth is expecting a baby anytime! Please join us in praying for a safe delivery and for Beth and Tim as they adjust to new patterns of life.


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March News


After the quiet of shock and loss, and the babbling of stories being told, the sounds of hammering and of grinding metal have become the new music of our neighbourhood. Rebuilding is well underway.

The huge fire of January 21st showed us some beautiful aspects of life here. The neighbours pulled together to help and support each other, there were hugs and kind words, old differences put behind as the great leveller of human suffering forged bonds of care.

And now the attempt to return to life as normal. Where there was a pile of charred remains, a new house springs up, completed within a week.

But the grasping for life brings back some of the uglier aspects of life here too. Suspicion, self interest, the jostling for position and status. Those who ‘have’ asserting themselves over those who ‘have-not’.

There are shifting uncertainties about what help people may or may not receive from the government.. will we all be kicked off this patch of land?

There are changing allegiances, old friends and neighbours left out of any help because they were only renting. The landlords buildings better houses to get higher rent, the poorest being pushed out of the community.

There is the deep pit of insecurity that drives the grasping for material things.. What does my future hold? Will I be able to continue a life here?

We have felt these same things with our neighbours, although our house was only damaged and not destroyed. Will our landlord want the house back? Will the government clear us all off the land? Will there be a next fire?

As every day we watch builders sink concrete piles into the unstable boggy clay of an already sinking city we identify with the desire for rootedness, for stability, for a place in this world.

Our heart response is not the desire to run from this insecure location, but to dig deeper roots in the neighbourhood. This is slow work building relationships with our neighbours. Witnessing to Christ’s love takes a long time and a lot of shared experiences. We need to go with our neighbours through the ups and downs.

So we will seek to stay. The fears and insecurities are part of what we share with those around us.

But we also do not fear completely as our neighbours fear. And not just because of our white skin, British passport and access to outside resources. We know the fears run deeper than the expression in grasping after the material needs.

The Deeper needs are of knowing we are loved, that we belong and that we have value.

In a world of comparison, self-seeking and injustice we know the One who holds us firmly and, with unchanging gaze, looks upon us as His beloved.

We have no guarantee of personal security or comfort. May we sink our foundations deeply into this Rock and hold out firm hope to those around us.

The psalmist says “Be to me a rock of refuge, to which I may continually come; you have given the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress.” Psalm 71:3

IMG_3324Prayer points:

  • Pray for peace and justice in our neighbourhood. Pray particularly for the poorest, who get the worst deal.
  • Pray for Elise’s role with the fair wage jewellery project, RoyRak. Things have been particularly busy for the last few months as they are trying to get online sales up and running, alongside the usual routine and relationships
  • We have UNOH International meetings in Auckland at the beginning of April – please pray for renewal of purpose and for there to be great encouragement in being together with the teams from Australia and New Zealand.
  • As a family we will then stay on for a week of holiday in the mild weather! Pray we be refreshed and ready to get back to our work here when we get back.


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November News

It’s like the party has come to our place – young men sit around drinking coke and laughing, their wives and girlfriends and children join in as the evening gets later and later. Sharing food, inviting stories. Our new neighbours are able to join in and laugh along.

There is also a motorbike in pieces.

One of the difficult aspects of our neighbourhood is the separation and competitiveness, one group sets itself against another, one family quietly feuds with another over years of bitter grudge holding. The old people against the teenagers, the better-off against the poor, the non-drug users against the drug users, the established against the new. Jealousies, old hurts, regular annoyances, hierarchies of perceived worth – we see these expressed repeatedly in the complaints and grumbles of our neighbours, their harsh words of judgement and their ability to make an extreme sport out of talking each other down!

We saw it most powerfully when our new neighbours moved in and experienced cold stares, gossiping and signs of animosity. They are new people, from a different neighbourhood – they don’t belong here. They are young with a baby, they are poorer, they are from different religious backgrounds – they don’t fit in here. They are receiving help from us – they are taking up resources..

In this physically crowded space new people cannot be accommodated, self-interest has centre place when there are limited resources. But more than that, our hearts are crowded and new people cannot be accommodated, self-interest protects our limited ability to love and to welcome and to share. Our hearts see little enough worth in ourselves.. certainly not enough to go around for others.

So Jon being approached by these young men offering to restore his old motorbike for free was a sign to us of something new. A gift of helping each other out.

So the motorbike is in pieces.

But the community has a little bit more togetherness. It is not just the motorbike being restored, it is our hearts being restored to love and welcome and share.

In a place of jostling for position and honour, for people accustomed to being used and using others, this show of reciprocal generosity and open-heartedness is, to us, a little sign of the Kingdom coming. This is what we long for.

Other highlights this month include welcoming our new teammate, Dianne (above right), who joins us from Australia. Please pray for her as she begins language study and transitioning into our crazy cultural setting!

Also November saw lots of celebrating around Elise and Elliot’s birthdays, and welcoming Jon’s parents and Granny as they visited our team. It was also our third Loy Kratong celebrated in Bangkok, the Thai festival where beautifully lit flower creations are floated away to symbolise letting go of the past. We bought our Kratongs from neighbours who made more money in one night than they would usually make in a month. They subsequently gambled it and ended up worse of than before. Sometimes letting go of the past is tough and change is frustratingly slow.

Please pray with us;

  • For Bah Noi, our adopted aunty, who is currently out of work whilst her employers at the street-side restaurant have gone to harvest rice. She is prone to be chaotic but the lack of structure just amplifies this. She has worked some odd jobs with Jon but has a lot more time on her hands. Her friend died this week and she told us that they had made a pact to die together. Please pray for her as she ponders big life questions and becomes more involved in Housechurch.
  • Our young neighbours reach regular crisis points as they try to juggle working and caring for a baby. This is not hard to relate to and yet there is little encouragement for them to keep trying. Please pray for peace in their relationship and good health/safety for their little son. Pray for us as we affirm them whilst managing the complex dynamics of being a boss in the jewellery project and a landlord.
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October News


There was a strange unease all day. It felt like the City was holding it’s breath waiting for news. Rumours of an official announcement began to reach us. Everyone gathered around TV screens at 7pm to hear the unthinkable confirmed; the King of Thailand had died ending a seventy year reign.

Coming out of our friends’ house later that night the neighbourhood was united in silence. I spotted P’Oua sitting alone in the dark cooking food and realised that she wouldn’t know. Even here in the shared sadness there was inequality. She didn’t believe it till she had watched the broadcast over and over on our computer.

It is hard to convey the weight of this loss as our Thai neighbours received it. Viewed as ‘Father to the Nation’, the King has held a deified yet personal role. The outpouring of grief runs deep and it has been a surprising privilege to stand on its edge. Life is continuing as normal with everyone wearing black for one year and a haze of questions over the future.


Some time away in beautiful Laos with Jon’s parents was very refreshing. We hadn’t realised how tired we were until we got the chance to rest! Elliot and Sam got their fix of outdoor time and particularly enjoyed exploring waterfalls and caves all whilst talking non-stop to very patient grandparents!

A young couple from the jewellery project house-sat for us when we were on holiday, along with their three month old son. They are flourishing as parents, despite still being children themselves, and we want to do everything we can to support their chances of staying together as a family. We’ve invited them to stay on in one room of the community house next door to us and we are all adjusting to sharing everyday life. Knocking on the door at midnight to borrow our camping stove is just about forgivable when we get baby smiles in the morning!

Our community has treated them with suspicion as they are from another part of the slum. Their motorbike has been targeted just like ours was when we moved in last year and we really feel for them in this. We hope the presence of this little family may be a good bridge to connecting with other teenagers nearby but this will take time.

For now there is a new urgency to fundraise for the setup of the community space next door. They will be live-in caretakers and seem excited about getting behind some of the activities we plan to run. Today we sat together and prayed God’s blessing over the house and voiced our hopes for the future. Given the history of death and disturbance in the house this is an exciting change of direction! If you would like to contribute directly to the running of the community house next door, or to set-up costs, for example installing a kitchen, please do contact us about ways to give.

For Prayer:

Returning home after holiday we’ve been really aware of the negativity that characterises neighbourhood interactions. Listening to people’s complaints about each other takes its toll and we can take on this negative outlook without meaning to. We’d value your prayers for being able to see beyond this to where Jesus is at work and to be able to hold out hope where it is lacking.

Please pray for the busy period of sales for RoyRak and Upcyled Wares. That we will have opportunities to advocate for our neighbours as we mix with the expat community and will sell well to further employment opportunities.

Pray that our interactions with the family next door will clearly show the love of Jesus, especially as life together in close proximity can be messy and stressful!

Please pray for our new teammate, Dianne, who joins us next from Australia. She will stay at a residential language study centre for 6 months before fully moving into the slum with us.


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September News



As the rains have got heavier, we plan our days to dodge the downfalls and the flooding. There is still no sign of a new walkway outside our house but we are thankful for a relatively watertight house. A friend recently asked Jon to do some repair work on her bathroom; she was worried that people could see in from outside. What Jon found when he went round the next day was an entire missing wall and the floor, apart from one corner with a squat toilet, entirely collapsed. He spent a frustrating morning in the mud trying to patch it up with boards.

It was a temporary job, to be continued after some careful planning, but this friend was overjoyed and expressed her gratitude by decorating our wooden cross with jasmine flowers. I wonder if she knew how fitting that gesture was? In directing thanks towards the true source of Love she gave us a reminder of why we are here. Not to be ‘saviours’ or to prove our own illusion of usefulness but to be changed by our encounters with others – to faithfully plant ripples of love that will continue after we have gone and be traced back to Jesus.

The flower garlands are symbolic of Thai culture – they are sold on the roadside for small change and threading them is one of the lowliest professions around. Our friend does not need to bring an offering that conforms with our own experience. Instead we worship a God who is all for diversity and finding beauty in the small and overlooked. We will hold on to this image!



A highlight for September was taking the teams from RoyRak and Upcycled Wares away for a weekend. It was great to be together outside of the usual work setting and get to know each other’s families better. We swam in a waterfall, hired bikes and generally enjoyed being out of the city! For one of the young women from RoyRak this meant settling three days of debt repayments so she was able to relax about finding money. As she let us into this daily pressure in her life, we gained insight into the violent world of high interest lending in the slum. We want to find sustainable ways to help with debt management as the project grows.

It has been the start of a busy few months of sales in Bangkok. This means very early starts and manouevering of large items into lifts that take forever to arrive! But it also means lots of opportunity to promote the talents of our existing team and bring in money to extend the opportunity of work to others. We are trying to prepare enough stock to see us through till Christmas so we are already surrounded by tree decorations and snowflake earrings – as if the warm weather isn’t weird enough!

We were so encouraged by the popularity of RoyRak jewellery and Upcycled products in the UK that we would like to ask for the help of supporters in hosting sales back home. It is a really practical way that you can help provide employment for some of our more vulnerable neighbours in Khlong Toey who struggle to access or to hold down less flexible jobs. Fair-trade principles, great quality and great prices make our products a brilliant option for present buying! Do get in touch if you can help!



For your prayers:

  • Elliot and Sam are doing really well, loving school and excited for a visit from grandparents later this month! Please pray for increased Thai language ability and confidence that will help them feel more able to participate.
  • Some of the boys that we take swimming have dropped out of school at age 14 and are making trouble around the neighbourhood. Please pray for protection from patterns of drugs and crime and for ways to help them be less bored.
  • A new teammate Dianne preparing to join us at the start of November. Pray that God will be encouraging and equipping her and those she will leave behind in Melbourne.
  • My training for the Chiang Mai half-marathon on December 18th! Pray that I can keep running even though its too hot and i usually don’t want to in the evenings! This will be raising money for a community workspace and kitchen.
  • For the increasing opportunity that Jon has to care for people suffering with illness and praise God that there is lots of evidence of healing recently.


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July and August Update!


‘It’s still alive!’ our neighbour reassured us as we approached our house, jet-lagged and negotiating newly collapsed concrete with our suitcases. It took a moment to realise she was talking about our rabbit left on our porch in her care. Alive and double the size more like! She went on to explain how the rabbit had refused to eat any of the food and hay we had left for it but had developed a preference for green beans apparantly consuming up to a kilogram a day! Our neighbour had taken the responsibility so seriously that she had been waking at 5am to feed the rabbit the moment she heard it stirring. Rather than leaving food in the cage she had fed it by hand throughout the day! This is the total devotion that always throws us off guard, an extravagant display of love. Now we just have the job of re-introducing a normal diet!

It was a busy but life-giving trip to the UK; a precious time of reconnecting with family and friends. Here are some highlights:

IMG_1613Seeing Elliot and Sam playing with old friends as though nothing had changed! Their diaries were as busy as ours! It was wonderful for the boys to have an easy sense of belonging and we are determined to do better at keeping in touch with their UK friends. Sammy learnt the important life skills of riding a bike and swinging himself on a swing! Elliot gave out his email address A LOT but in case you missed it you can send a message to the boys at elliotandsammy@icloud.com


13775989_1784436061834010_9157591577202065839_nAlso…a wedding and camping extravaganza, time with Grandparents, seeing Peggy the
dog, visiting our Thai neighbour’s parents at their restaurant, speaking at the CMF developing health conference, visiting supporting churches, showing our teammate Camille the people and places we love, pub meals and too many cooked breakfasts, selling RoyRak jewellery, telling stories, hearing stories, wearing warm clothes, sleeping in 14 different beds!


Honestly, I’ve been finding it impossible to write since arriving back in Bangkok. So many mixed emotions that won’t sit still on the page! It really is great to be back amongst good friends and settled in our own home. The experience of returning has definitely deepened our sense of calling. One thing that stood out to us during our time in England was the importance of our role as advocates for our neighbours; celebrating the good and countering the negative narrative associated with ‘the urban poor’ . The last thing our communities need is people like us compounding the stereotypes that keep them down and I hope we represented them to you faithfully.

But while we were away I think my eyes became unaccustomed to some of the darkness here. There has been a process of being re-broken, of re-questioning and re-evaluating the very specific culture around us. Some days it has been too hard to look for God’s image in a mess of broken relationships. I once gave some sequinned flip flops to a neighbour, a mum around my age. She is tough and indifferent on the surface so I loved that she wore them around the slum, a bit of sparkle! The other day I saw an old man wearing those flip flops as he repaired a fence. They were caked in dust and almost unrecognisable. This is the man she sleeps with for drugs. Beauty is so often stolen here.

A line from a Rend Collective song has been my prayer recently; ‘In the darkness I’ll dance, in the shadows I’ll sing, the joy of the Lord is my strength’.

Please pray

  • For Roy Rak with a busy season of sales ahead! There is a new baby around the place – please pray that our youngest two staff will safely navigate this new phase of being parents and will take responsibility for the care of their child while staying in secure jobs. Please also pray that two particular women from Rong Moo will have the confidence to come and start working with us. At the moment they seem keen but can’t quite make the first step.
  • For Visa and Work Permit renewals coming up next month.
  • For the funds to come in to put a kitchen into the house we rent next door and begin using it for community events. Electrical work is under way this week with lots of people in and out!
  • For Elliot and Sam settling back in at school this week.
  • For many people around us who are suffering from stress and carrying heavy burdens  of responsibility.



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June news (early!)


Summoned before the Gamagan, the community leaders, first thing on a Sunday morning – this could only be bad news! It was one week before our kids club activity day at Harrow International School and we were keen to boost numbers since the school was sending coaches and pulling out all the stops. We had been out in the community adjoining ours the day before helping parents fill out forms but now it seemed there was a problem. Nothing is ever straightforward here, our plans are often frustrated and we hardly slept the night before the meeting!

The last thing we expected was a request to see our child protection policy. The four women around the table looked stern but we warmed to them straight away. We were overjoyed to find others that cared about the safety of these children. They wanted to be sure that the children in our care would be well supervised and not taken advantage of. In a community where kids are often left to fend for themselves, this concern was beautiful. By the end of the hour they were announcing our trip over the loudspeaker system and encouraging families to sign up!



The day itself was awesome; we got to have fun and deepen relationships with the kids as the staff at the school did all the hard work! The Roy Rak team ran a jewellery workshop, we enjoyed a huge bouncy castle and the flip-flop wearing Rong Moo football team came home with the trophy!



Last Saturday was another special day for our good friend P’Soi and her family. Nine year old Kart has grown one section of hair on the back of his head since he suffered brain damage at six months. He has worn a thin plait ever since as a means of protecting his health. Cutting the hair and then letting it float away on the river is a Buddhist ritual undertaken around age nine. There is meaning around letting go of the past which this family have been doing a lot of recently!

DSC_0806We went to the local temple for a short ceremony led by a monk. He seemed a nice enough chap but he spent a long time lecturing P’Soi on how to correct the bad Karma that apparently led to Kart’s condition (actually the local hospital left him fitting in the waiting room instead of bringing down his high temperature.) We didn’t understand much of the content of his speech and it didn’t spoil the fact that we were celebrating Kart that day. However, it seems that P’Soi’s growing discomfort with the concept of ‘deserved suffering’ has re-kindled her curiosity about Jesus and she has been joining us for morning devotions this week. Please pray for her and her family!

IMG_1489The next two days look to be full of jobs that need doing before we fly back to the UK on Friday! Excitement levels are pretty high in our house! It’s weird saying goodbyes for a month and not knowing what will happen while we are away. Last night was a fun ‘cook your own’ meal out with the Roy Rak crew who have worked incredibly hard the last few weeks making enough jewellery for us to sell on our trip.

We are looking forward to catching up with many of you during the next month. We are sorry that we can’t get to more places during our stay which is already looking a bit of an ambitious road trip! We are speaking at eight churches, gulp! This is as much about sharing what we are learning as raising support but, as we plan towards engaging here long term and growing our ministry, we are needing to cover increasing costs. We hope to find more partners for prayer and financial support.

We have compiled some nifty little packs with postcard sized information cards and a pen-drive loaded with videos and powerpoint displays. If you are part of a church or a group of any kind that might be interested in finding out more about our mission would you consider doing a short presentation on our behalf?  We’d love to pop one of these packs in the post for you whether you live in Shrewsbury or Sydney or anywhere in between! There are absolutely no expectations attached. We are thankful for the faithful support that has sustained us here this past twenty months.

Don’t forget, Saturday 16th July, 10.30-12.30, Shrewsbury Baptist Church Central, for stories, snacks and a chance to catch up!

With Much Love,

The Fletcher family x





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May News

In just 24 days we will be back on British soil! We are so looking forward to seeing many of you in your homes and churches as we travel to different parts of the country. We are excited about catching up over multiple cups of real tea! And maybe some real sausages. Before diaries fill up we’d like to invite you all to our update event on Saturday 16th July, 10.30 – 12.30 at Shrewsbury Baptist Church Central. This will be a relaxed opportunity to hear some stories about the work of UNOH in Khlong Toey slum and discover ways to stay involved. We can guarantee some embarrassing video and some tasty Thai snacks! Please extend the invitation to others who may be interested. All are welcome!

The second half of May has seen the temperature in Bangkok drop very slightly. A few heavy rains have made life a little more manageable! We got soaked on the way too school this morning for the first time in ages! Despite the heat we’ve had some good times with neighbours recently. A highlight was taking our fifty year old neighbour, born and raised in the slum, across the river for the first time in her life. We went to the floating market only a few kilometres away but completely outside of her usual frame of reference. It was a joy to see her visibly relax and accept kindness where she would usually be looking after us. Please continue to pray that she will fully grasp her identity in God as she continues to have dreams where Jesus speaks to her.

We also celebrated the wedding of our friends Noi and Dong this month. Noi is one of the admin staff in the UNOH office and she moved into our old house in Lok 3. Her life has been tougher than I can begin to imagine but she is truly blossoming as she looks to the future. It was a lot of fun to dress up in traditional Thai dress and be part of the wedding party. Each guest tied string around the hands of the bride and groom and spoke words of blessing over their home and their marriage. A real mix of cultures on the day, we pray that this little family will come to follow Jesus whilst not compromising what it means to be Thai.

In other news this month, Jon has finally finished building the Sala (shaded sitting area with very tall pointy roof) and it is getting lots of use! Our immediate neighbour has come out of prison and this is leading to a bit more conflict than usual as people jostle for position and re-adjust to having her around. We are gearing up for a big outing on June 11th where we are taking two coaches of kids from Khlong Toey to a fun day put on by an International School. I am settling into my role with Roy Rak and loving working with Nut and the other women in the project. I will be bringing some gorgeous new designs with me to sell in the UK!

Thank you for all your prayer, interest and support. See all you Brits soon!


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