May News

In just 24 days we will be back on British soil! We are so looking forward to seeing many of you in your homes and churches as we travel to different parts of the country. We are excited about catching up over multiple cups of real tea! And maybe some real sausages. Before diaries fill up we’d like to invite you all to our update event on Saturday 16th July, 10.30 – 12.30 at Shrewsbury Baptist Church Central. This will be a relaxed opportunity to hear some stories about the work of UNOH in Khlong Toey slum and discover ways to stay involved. We can guarantee some embarrassing video and some tasty Thai snacks! Please extend the invitation to others who may be interested. All are welcome!

The second half of May has seen the temperature in Bangkok drop very slightly. A few heavy rains have made life a little more manageable! We got soaked on the way too school this morning for the first time in ages! Despite the heat we’ve had some good times with neighbours recently. A highlight was taking our fifty year old neighbour, born and raised in the slum, across the river for the first time in her life. We went to the floating market only a few kilometres away but completely outside of her usual frame of reference. It was a joy to see her visibly relax and accept kindness where she would usually be looking after us. Please continue to pray that she will fully grasp her identity in God as she continues to have dreams where Jesus speaks to her.

We also celebrated the wedding of our friends Noi and Dong this month. Noi is one of the admin staff in the UNOH office and she moved into our old house in Lok 3. Her life has been tougher than I can begin to imagine but she is truly blossoming as she looks to the future. It was a lot of fun to dress up in traditional Thai dress and be part of the wedding party. Each guest tied string around the hands of the bride and groom and spoke words of blessing over their home and their marriage. A real mix of cultures on the day, we pray that this little family will come to follow Jesus whilst not compromising what it means to be Thai.

In other news this month, Jon has finally finished building the Sala (shaded sitting area with very tall pointy roof) and it is getting lots of use! Our immediate neighbour has come out of prison and this is leading to a bit more conflict than usual as people jostle for position and re-adjust to having her around. We are gearing up for a big outing on June 11th where we are taking two coaches of kids from Khlong Toey to a fun day put on by an International School. I am settling into my role with Roy Rak and loving working with Nut and the other women in the project. I will be bringing some gorgeous new designs with me to sell in the UK!

Thank you for all your prayer, interest and support. See all you Brits soon!


One thought on “May News

  1. Great to hear your news, along with the tea and sausages you will have to make choices on which brand of breakfast cerial. Hope the organising to leave and get back to UK is not too stressful!
    Love joy peace

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